"If he does not marry you within two years of dating, dump him" - Lady advises
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 09


Young lady dishes a piece of advice to fellow women on the number of years to stay in a relationship it graduates to [b]marriage[/b].


According to a lady identified as Oge Nsimah on [b]Facebook[/b] who declared that the 'uncomfortable truth' is that women shouldn't stay in a relationship longer than two years.

In her words;

"Stop spending years with a man who won't marry you"If he doesn't marry you within 2 years of dating, leave, and if that doesn't motivate him to marry you, he probably wasn't going to anywayAlot of you are single today because you stayed so long with the wrong person.You allowed your boyfriends to keep you away from finding your husband.At a certain age, you don't need long and meaningless dating, you date with purpose and strategically #TheUncomfortableTruth"