Lady laments after a prank she played on her boyfriend crashed her 2-year-old relationship
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 10

An unidentified lady took to social media to lament profusely on how her relationship got cold and eventually crashed after she played a prank on her boyfriend.


The lady who described her relationship as a long-distance one revealed that she initiated a break-up prank which her boyfriend took seriously and subsequently, their relationship shattered.

She disclosed that she's currently in a relationship with another guy, but what has got her confused is the fact that her ex has been sending her money for about a year, despite their break-up.

She wrote:

"There is this guy I was dating he was the one that deflowered me, we dated for 2 yrs then he travelled to Turkey to hustle (yahoo) before he left we made promises to each other in fact lots of promises, when he travelled we were still talking well, everything was flowing well, we video call a lot not until I gained admission into the university..."

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